Frequently asked questions

About Veracity

How do I get access to services on Veracity ?

You are welcome to browse the Marketplace for services that could be relevant for you.

Some of these services are free and you can start using them immediately when you have signed up.

Some services are not available in the Marketplace and can only be accessed when you are invited to use them by the provider of the service.

What are the system requirements?

For optimal use, we recommend to use the newest versions of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari 5.

Older versions of browsers could still work, but the layout of pages might not be optimal.

We strongly recommend enabling Javascript, as Veracity contains some Javascript dependent components.

How do I register with Veracity?

To sign up, we only need a few details. Please click on "Register now" and you will be guided on the information needed.

Please use your Company e-mail address as you might have services made available to you through your company.

The sign up is completed when you follow a link in a confirmation email that you will receive during the registration process.

For more information about how we use your data, please check the Privacy Statement .

Once I'm registered, how do I login?

You will get to the login screen once you try to access one of the Veracity services or via the top right menu bar on

The email address is your username.

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new password by following the link "I forgot my password"

Note: If you do not see these links, please clear your browser cache and refresh the page.

How can I change my password and profile information?

When you are logged in, you can access your profile in the menu in the upper right corner. Select "Settings" and then you can edit your profile, change your password and change your email address.

It is also possible to edit the appearance and layout of your service overview. This can be done using the "Customize" option on My Services where service widgets can be dragged to new positions or removed.

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new password by following the link : "I forgot my password"

My Data

What is my data or data fabric?

Veracity Data Fabric provides data management functionality for cloud and on-premise for an improved data visibility, insights, access control and security.

We support two roles: Data Manager, create and manage data lake; Data Consumer, read only access to data lake.

Data managers can takes advantage of the Veracity ecosystem whereby they can combine their datasets with others available from Veracity Marketplace to enrich their own data to create new insights and solutions.

What kind of access do I have to Data Fabric?

All Veracity users have consumer access to Veracity Data Fabric as part of the platform.

Terms for the platform usage can be found in the Platform Terms.

In addition, users are able to sign up for Data Manager Access

Veracity Marketplace

What is the marketplace?

The Marketplace on Veracity is a growing catalogue of industrial applications, analytics services and data sets available for purchase or subscription that can help you optimize your performance.

Who can sell on the marketplace?

If you want to sell a service or product on the Veracity Marketplace, please contact us at

Please also have look at the documentation for Developers for information about how to develop services on Veracity.

Do I need to create an account in order to buy from the Marketplace?

You will not be required to be logged in during the stages of submitting an order or request.

At a later time a user account will be created on your behalf after an order or request to ‘Get access’ has been submitted. You will then receive an email asking you to activate your new account.

For those already registered with Veracity, you can login with your existing credentials prior to placing an order.

What are the different means of payment?

At this time, there are two possible means of payment which include credit card and invoice.

Can I try before I buy?

Trial offers apply to some products but not all.

Please check the description on the product page for details regarding the availability of this option.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Our support teams are happy to assist you with any requests for subscription cancellations.

Please send your cancellation request to

How do I access my product/service?

Once you have received confirmation that your access is ready, you can access this anytime from 'My services' or 'My data' , depending on your purchase type.

What if the service/product I have brought does not work?

Should you experience any problems with your service or product, then please contact our support teams who will look into the issues with priority.

You may contact support here "Veracity Support"